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Where are the FileMaker Data Files?

Most of the time, FileMaker Server works perfectly ounce it is installed and files are hosted. There may come up up situations where direct access to data files is needed, but you do not remember where to look.

This can be when a files shall be exchanged, taken down or needs some kind of 'repair', which usually should mean a backup must be retrieved. The question is where to look and which file to take.

Based on customer feedback and increased enquiries in the last few months, Volker Krambrich, senior consultant and principal at NORSULT, wrote a white paper to help out with concise information in case immediate action is required. You then do not have time to dig through the documentation. Download the Paper (at the end of this post) and be safe.

The starting point is the default installation of an on premise Filemaker Server, running on either Windows Server or MacOS. But he also explains a more robust setup that can make the system more reliable and easier to maintain in case of failure.

Checkout the White Paper, you can download for free here.


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