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A Custom App is a piece of software that is made especially for you. It can be fitted exactly to your business' needs, ideas, processes and wishes.

Never can a general software serve like a tailor-made program!

It used to be expansive to 'make' instead of 'buy' a solution.

Tell us your idea and ask for a quote. You will be surprised how we can change things with FileMaker.


From here it all started: looking at other people's business from the outside to bring insight from other areas. Over the years we worked for customers from a wide range of industries and fields. 

Among them technical organisations, manufacturing, medical services, airline industry, clothing.

Not to forget training and schools, and off course some voluntary work with charities.


Transform your business. The FileMaker Platform is simply powerful software used to create custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. 

Very early we spotted FileMaker as the ideal tool to model processes. That was back in 1989. We showed clients what could be a solution in an ongoing discussion. Prototypes were developed on site. More than once clients where so excited about their achievements that a demo or prototype solution created with FileMaker went into production.

Custom App



Work starts always from a first acquaintance. We need to get to know each other and decide that we can live together in a project.

A project must be defined. Definition means at least a scope shall be agreed upon, goals are set and steps marked out. The journey together takes time, so a timeline and a timetable are good to have. It shall be clear who has to do what and when the goal is achieved. Budgeting is part of this work. Without knowing the financial and personal resources that are needed, conflicts are to come up later.

A description of the cooperation in clear language clarifies rights and plights and makes progress measurable.

Now we are ready to deliver and build. Communication and ongoing project talks are part of the process. Whatever method you use (Waterfall, Agile, Adaptive) change is inevitable and better is to be prepared.

At every stage, we aim at delivering the best solution possible.

We want see a happy customer use our and their product.


We follow our guidelines closely. Define a beginning and an end. Keep the communication going – customers want to talk and customers must get involved along the process. Stick to the timeline – rather postpone some functionality than breaking the timeline. Look out for upcoming problems and talk about before they occur. Take note of new ideas (they sure come up all the time) but put them into a phase two of the project.



Together with clients we built systems for smooth operation of businesses. Problem identification and problem solving are our specialities. Goals defined to the point, refined systems delivered in time and on budget. That guarantees happy customers and long-term relations. 

Quality assurance is practiced. We heavily invest in ongoing

education and training of our staff.

Consulting process


an integrated modelling and

application programming tool with a fast database engine made to integrate seamlessly with the IT-world.

the Workplace Innovation Tool for Problem Solvers

FileMaker is made available as leased license from its developer, Claris Inc., an Apple subsidiary.

The platform contains a server for on premise release or as a service in the Cloud. Desktop versions for developers and users in the MacOS and Windows world, mobile versions support iOS devices. Android systems and browser based applications can be made in an instant.

Could we catch your attention?
Don't get lost or invest in the wrong products. We are here to help!
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Just released : FileMaker 19


Is this something for You?

May we assist you?

Please send us a note online and we will get in contact with you. 

The more you can specify what you wish,

the better we can prepare for onboarding you

to a successful NORSULT experience.


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