How can I control the text formatting in a field where users copy and paste text with style?

When text is pasted into a FileMaker text field, two operations are performed: first the character stream is entered (i.e. the words and elements of the text itself), then the formatting information found in the clipboard is applied to the text stream. The result may look ugly if the font, colour, size or other formatting does not fit for the current field style. There are two ways to avoid or handle this situation. •With no developer action required, the user can just undo the last of the two operations and see the result as intended on the layout in question (Use either ‘Undo...’ from the Edit menu or press ctrl-z (Windows) or cmd-z (Mac OS) on the keyboard) •a developer can change the fie

Summer Visit to Helsinki

Nice to have you here! Our clients from Altmark, Germany made a short trip to share some days with NORSULT. Michael Metzger and some members of his team got inspired by our white nights, sauna by the lake, wandering in national forrest Noux. We were happy to present a little bit of Finland and our culture where FileMaking is a large part. #savings #personalfinances

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